Preparer in industrial site inspection

Job description

Working within recognised inspection departments of major industrial sites, the mission of the Industrial Site Inspection Preparer is to prepare regulatory inspections of pressure equipment, to participate in the implementation and monitoring of criticality management strategies and to provide advice on the implementation of the sector's regulatory requirements.

Its main missions

  • Drawing up control and inspection plans
  • Writing inspection reports
  • Identifying risks and recommending repairs
  • Quantify, Define and apply appropriate control methods according to the field specifics
  • Coordinate the activity of the control companies (non-destructive testing) and works.


Preparer in Industrial Site Inspection at Alpha Maintenance since January 2011, Contract Manager since 2020

Its ideal prerequisites

  • Ideally holds a BAC + 2 to BAC + 3 (BTS CRCI, Licence Inspection de sites industriels, boilermaking, metallurgy...).
  • In-depth knowledge of heavy industry (refining, petrochemicals, chemistry, metallurgy...) and production equipment, particularly pressure vessels and piping.
  • Perfect knowledge of directives (DT84, DESP...), national (CODRES, CODETI, CODAP) and international (API, ASME...) construction standards and codes.
  • Ease with computer tools (advanced Excel, CMMS and database).

Its qualities

Sense of organisation, rigour, versatility, team spirit and autonomy.

Potential developments

Hierarchical :
  • Head of preparation unit.
  • Project manager.
  • Contract manager.
Functional :
  • Possible links with maintenance professions (preparation, planning, etc.).


Preparer in industrial site inspection
Preparer in Industrial Site Inspection at Alpha Maintenance since January 2011, Contract Manager since 2020

How did you join Alpha Maintenance?

I entered the job market after obtaining my BTS in 2008. In 2011 I joined Alpha Maintenance as an Inspection Preparer to continue to develop and grow professionally.

What position do you currently hold ?

I currently hold the position of RBI preparation technician attached to the inspection department of the Petrochemical site of Total Plateforme Normandie. RBI (Risk Based Inspection) is a method for assessing the criticality of pressure equipment (PTE) using software that contains all its technical characteristics. As inspections are carried out in the field, the ESP is analysed by providing information on its degradation modes and inspection efficiency and a corrosion rate is established to evaluate its criticality over a 14-year period (i.e. 2 unit shutdowns).

What does a typical work year look like?

A typical year on a unit shutdown preparation phase systematically begins with the establishment of a list of ESPs to be inspected. From this list, a sheet is drawn up for each piece of equipment in which the history (inspections, work, control), operating conditions (fluid, insulation, temperature, pressure), the controls carried out (visual, thickness measurement, specific control) and the means to be implemented to carry out these controls (scaffolding, removal of insulation) are listed.

Then, a calculation is made in the software to highlight all the deadlines of the equipment related to the shutdown.

In addition, the site's database (CREDO) is filled in with all the measuring points and tappings and the inspection plans are updated.

During the shutdown phase, all repairs, checks and compliance are monitored and each ESP is recalculated, in line with the findings seen by the inspectors.

Finally, the shutdown closing phase will consist of indicating in the database the inspections that have been carried out and of updating the equipment inspection plans.

What professional achievement are you most proud of to date?

I don't particularly have a moment that comes to mind. If I had to guess, I would say that each time, the last mission is the most successful, because it's the one where I brought the most experience. And as a result, the next one should be even more successful!

Note: Things have changed a lot for Julien since the first publication of this testimonial, since he now holds a position as Inspection Contract Manager within the recognised Inspection Department of one of our clients, a major player in the industry in France!

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