Preparer / maintenance and shutdown supervisor

Job description

As part of an Alpha Maintenance or client project team, the Maintenance and Shutdown Preparer/Supervisor manages and monitors the preparation of work within the framework of major new work or shutdown projects, or operational maintenance management. He/she is also required to supervise sub-contracting companies during the work phases.

His/her main tasks

  • Establishes maintenance ranges
  • Carries out on-site surveys
  • Estimates the human and material needs of each stage of the work
  • Prepares requests for materials and resources
  • Participates in the organisation of the work
  • Supervises the companies involved in the project by ensuring compliance with expectations in terms of quality, deadlines and compliance with safety rules.
  • Monitors the progress of the work


Maintenance & Shutdown Preparer / Supervisor at Alpha Maintenance since November 2017.

Its ideal prerequisites

  • Ideally, you should have a 3-year higher education qualification, mainly in maintenance, metallurgy or boilermaking.
  • In-depth knowledge of heavy industry (refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, metallurgy, etc.) and of the various trades involved in a project (companies specialising in : Scaffolding, Insulation, Electricity and Instrumentation, Civil Engineering, General Contractors, Industrial Cleaning, Boilermaking, Piping, Mechanics, Inspection and Controls...).
  • Ease with computer tools (Excel, CMMS, etc.).

Its qualities

Rigour, Communication skills, Team spirit, Efficiency and adaptability.

Potential developments

  • Scheduler.
  • Main Preparer.
  • Project Manager


Preparer / maintenance and shutdown supervisor
Maintenance & Shutdown Preparer / Supervisor at Alpha Maintenance since November 2017.

Hello Sammy, can you tell us about your background and what brought you to Alpha Maintenance?

I started in the petrochemical industry a few years ago as a worker on maintenance work and Unit Shutdowns.
Persevering in my work, I moved on to a position as team leader for Unit Shutdown works, with quite a few trips at national level.

Three years ago, I moved into project management, which naturally led me to the status of works preparer and supervisor, making the most of my experience in the field.
Subsequently, I wanted to join Alpha Maintenance, a subsidiary of the Ponticelli Frères group, which is for me a major player in the world of maintenance.

What position do you currently hold?

At Alpha Maintenance, I am a TCE Preparer and Works Supervisor (all trades).
As part of my current mission, I am working for one of our customers in the cost control unit of a unit shutdown project, as a Preparer of pipe work (welding work known as "fire work").

I carry out the welding files in relation to the Inspection and Operation department, but also electricity, instrumentation and scaffolding / insulation.
It's work that requires rigour, responsiveness and a certain degree of autonomy.

What does a typical working day look like?

There is no such thing as a typical day, because every day is different. If one were to diagram one, it would be something like this:

Starting with emergencies and dealing with yesterday's unfinished business,
Take stock of the work in progress at the facilities and go and carry out the field surveys, as it should not be forgotten that this is where the work is taking place. This involves taking photos and taking measurements, reporting anomalies and monitoring the progress of the work.
Write up the operating procedures or work ranges using previously taken measurements. This includes ordering the necessary equipment, plans or available isometrics which help to understand and carry out the work required.
It also involves anticipating and managing co-activity between different trades such as scaffolders, mechanics, inspectors and many others.

What professional achievement are you most proud of to date?

For me, it's the choice to have gone from carrying out the work to preparing, planning and supervising it.

I find the whole thing so complementary and coherent that I constantly feel I'm making progress.

Do you have a message for the end?

My little word is for the young recruits ... Don't hesitate to put forward your ideas!
And courage to all the others !

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