Planning Engineer / Planner

Job description

As part of an Alpha Maintenance or customer project team, the mission of the Planning Engineer / Planner is to plan the different phases of a project and to monitor its progress. He/she is also often in charge of accompanying the deployment of Alpha Maintenance digital tools on our clients' projects.

His/her main missions

  • Establish the schedule, create the resources and the links and sequences of tasks, then organise and lead working meetings with the companies involved to define a detailed schedule.
  • Smoothing the workload, identifying critical paths, making proposals for corrections and then validating the schedule for execution.
  • Define the monitoring method (e.g.: recipe tables + indicators + progress curves) to be implemented on the site before work begins, in order to collect the progress of the work on site and to inform those involved.
  • During the progress monitoring phase, collect data from supervisors and/or contractors.
  • Update the schedule and determine new critical paths.
  • Propose solutions and implement them.
  • Issue the required status reports, progress curves, all necessary documents.

Its ideal prerequisites

  • Ideally holder of a BAC +3 to BAC +5 (Maintenance Licence, General Engineering Diploma or Maintenance...) or former preparer who has moved on to the position of planner.
  • In-depth knowledge of heavy industry (refining, petrochemicals, chemistry, metallurgy...) and production equipment, particularly pressure vessels and piping.
  • Good mastery of the various phases of work and related resources.
  • Ease with IT tools (advanced Excel, CMMS and database) and perfect command of planning tools (MS-Project, Primavera P6).

Its qualities

Very good analytical and communication skills, rigour, sensitivity to new technologies and innovation.

Potential developments

  • Project manager.
  • Contract manager.
  • Head of Services.


Planning Engineer / Planner
Planning Engineer at Alpha Maintenance since November 2017.

Tell us about your background and what brought you to join Alpha Maintenance ?

I arrived on the job market and more particularly in the industrial sector via consulting in 2012. In 2017 I joined Alpha Maintenance to continue to develop and grow professionally.

What position do you currently hold?

I currently hold the position of Project Management Engineer / Planner. At first glance, it sounds very vague, but you have to see it as an opportunity to put in what you want, or what you want to do. We are often at the customer's site for a very specific assignment, which also leaves us a little bit of freedom. This freedom can allow us to "recuperate" subjects (or workload, let's say.) on which we want to improve/develop.

What does a typical working day, a typical working year look like?

A typical year, on the projects we carry out, necessarily goes through a long period of preparation, then comes the implementation phase.

In the preparation phase, there is no typical day, whereas in the realisation phase, there is a daily routine, especially concerning the reporting part, be it on the budget or planning level. There will be a daily information gathering, concatenation & analysis part, and finally the synthesis & formatting of the reporting.

What is project planning?

Planning a project, consists of putting down on paper or rather in the software, the scenario or the story of the project.

At each level of detail (from the master planning to the detailed planning), all the entities present on the project will enrich the planning with their activities & constraints. This will allow to discover a maximum of interfaces between the stakeholders, and to optimise the sequencing of the activities.

To do this, there will be regular meetings/interviews/interviews (almost daily.) with the project stakeholders in order to get the information as quickly as possible while taking into account their stakes. As a general rule, the information I deal with is communicated to me in the form of work packages. Following this information gathering, we will integrate the recovered scenarios into the schedule, while trying to highlight, for example, the co-activities, when site coordination will be essential for the smooth running of operations.

During the realisation phase, the progress of the planning tasks will be monitored at regular intervals, which will be analysed and summarised in a report. The planner will be responsible for alerting the contractor to any deviations and delays. As you will have understood, this is a strategic position in a project!

What professional achievement are you most proud of to date?

I don't particularly have a moment that comes to mind. If I had to guess, I would say that each time, the last mission is the most successful, because it is the one where I brought the most experience. And as a result, the next one should be even more successful!

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