Industrial Site Inspection Technician

Job description

Usually working in recognised inspection departments of major industrial sites, the Industrial Site Inspection Technician supports the preparers and engineers in managing the integrity of the installations.

His/her main missions

  • Collecting and compiling pressure equipment data from manufacturers' files, process/corrosion studies, inspection reports and non-destructive testing reports.
  • Updating databases on inspection software


Inspection Methods Technician at Alpha Maintenance since November 2015.

Its ideal prerequisites

  • Ideally holds a BAC to BAC + 3 (BTS Technical Assistant Engineer, BTS ROC/CRCI, Boilermaking, Licence ISI / Industrial Site Inspection...).
  • Good knowledge of heavy industry (Refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, metallurgy...) and production equipment, particularly pressure vessels and piping.
  • Ease with IT tools (Excel, CMMS and database)

Its qualities

  • Sense of organisation,
  • rigour,
  • versatility,
  • team spirit
  • and autonomy.

Potential developments

Hierarchical :

Preparer in industrial site inspection.

Functional :

Possible links with maintenance professions (preparation, planning, etc.).


Industrial Site Inspection Technician
Inspection Methods Technician at Alpha Maintenance since November 2015.

What path has brought you to Alpha Maintenance?

After 6 years as a documentalist, I joined the inspection department in 2011 at Total Petrochemicals as part of the PIT (Pipeline Inspection Plan) project during which I got to know Alpha Maintenance. In 2015, Alpha Maintenance's inspection department manager offered me the opportunity to join the company and to work for Yara Tertre in Belgium for 2 years. My desire to join Alpha Maintenance and my willingness to travel made me accept the offer.

What position do you currently hold ?

At the end of my two years in Belgium, I joined the RBI (Risk Based Inspection) unit of the Normandy Refinery where I hold the position of RBI Technician.

This job consists of collecting / researching the various properties of the site's pressurised equipment (kinetic, mechanical, metallurgical, dimensional properties, etc.) and identifying the modes of degradation caused by the fluids conveyed coming into contact with the walls of the equipment.

What does a typical working day, a typical working year look like?
My job is essentially office automation. I spend about 80% of a working day at my computer workstation. I centralise the various data in Excel files but also work on the various inspection software. The remaining 20% is spent on trips to the inspection department archives or in contact with the customer to look for information in manufacturer files or inspection reports.

What is your best achievement?

To date, I consider that my greatest achievement is to have established a relationship of trust between Alpha Maintenance and our client Yara in Belgium, which has enabled us to obtain a long-term contract for certain activities on the site.

A short word for the end?

Thank you for thinking of me for this business focus, which I hope will inspire others to join our adventure.

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