Project Engineer

Job description

As part of an Alpha Maintenance or client project team, the project engineer contributes to the structuring, implementation and monitoring of the organisation of a new works, maintenance shutdown or operational maintenance management project.

He/she participates in drawing up project management documents as well as in completing them if he/she is assigned to an operational activity and can also be positioned more specifically on a specific activity linked to the completion of one of the project stages (methods, preparation, planning, cost monitoring, supervision).

Its main missions

  • Intervening in the overall management of the project or in a specific area (setting up methods, feasibility studies, preparation, planning, costmonitoring, supervision).
  • Provide supervision for his team (if necessary).
  • Ensure the implementation and monitoring of methods.
  • Ensure the interface with the different actors of the project.
  • Technical implementation of planning, preparation, works supervision or cost control activities.
  • May be required to intervene in the company's Maintenance Methods activity (carrying out maintenance audits using FMECA, VIS, HAZOP methodologies, etc.; creating and updating maintenance and reliability plans for industrial installations; deploying and structuring CMMS systems).


Project Engineer at Alpha Maintenance since December 2018.

Its ideal prerequisites

  • Ideally holder of a BAC +5 level education (mainly maintenance, industrial performance, metallurgy...).
  • In-depth knowledge of heavy industry (refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, metallurgy, etc.) and of the various government bodies involved in a project (companies specialising in : Scaffolding, Insulation, Electricity and Instrumentation, Civil Engineering, General Contractors, Industrial Cleaning, Boilermaking, Piping, Mechanics, Inspection and Controls...).
  • Ease with computer tools (advanced Excel, CMMS and database).

Its qualities

Good communicator, autonomous and very rigorous.

Ability to prioritise your priorities and to evolve in an environment with strong constraints and challenges.

Potential developments

  • Project manager.
  • Contract manager.
  • Head of department.


Project Engineer
Project Engineer at Alpha Maintenance since December 2018.

What has brought you to Alpha Maintenance?

I followed a course of study in mechanics by first doing a DUT in Physical Measurements, then a Bachelor's degree in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Sciences and finally a Master's degree in Industrial Systems Engineering at the University of Rouen.

I became interested in industry during my various internships and the company Alpha Maintenance, which works mainly with industrialists, has allowed me to evolve in a professional environment that I like and corresponds to me.

What position do you currently hold ?

I am a project engineer in the routine maintenance department of a major production site in the chemical industry. We are 2 supervisors and 2 preparers to manage all problems, as well as daily and annual projects within the ammonia unit.

What does a typical working day, a typical working year look like?

A typical day starts with a meeting at 8am to review the day's operations and any problems that may have occurred during the night. Then I write up the work permits for the next day and have them signed at the progress meeting at 11am. I also draw up the Alpha Maintenance daily attendance sheet. At the same time, I make progress on my basic projects and I contact the subcontracting companies for the various operations required to complete them. I also have to prepare my presentation materials for the prevention plans.

In the afternoon, I spend the afternoon in the field to see the different sites and to get to know the new sites and the constraints that go with them.

Over the course of a year, I manage larger projects, such as the periodic replacement of catalysts on different reactors. I also draw up specifications for new or refurbished equipment and send out invitations to tender to suppliers.

What is your best achievement?

Today, I am proud to have contributed through my work to the successful and timely completion of a shutdown on ammonia storage spheres, for which I was partly responsible for preparing and supervising the work to replace various mechanical elements, such as valves and gates, and to control the internals by drone.

What are your plans for development in the short term?

With the experience I would have acquired, I would like to become a project manager and lead my team on different projects, whether it be on a technical shutdown or on another project.

A quick word for the end?

Alpha Maintenance gave me the chance to work in a large chemical group where I was able to show my involvement and motivation. My dedication in the company has enabled me to take on new responsibilities.

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